Working in harmony

We’ve partnered with Discovery Education to inspire a new generation of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) problem-solvers and creative innovators with digital educational resources spotlighting diverse careers in the Country Music industry. Designed to support K-12 STEAM curriculum and collaboration with music educators, Working in Harmony gives classrooms and households nationwide an inside look at how STEAM skills and collaboration work in concert to innovate the genre of Country Music.

STEAM Resources for the classroom and beyond

Classroom activities and projects help to bring to life the sights, sounds, and stories of Country Music. These instructional resources help educators and families connect the content to real-world applications.

The STEAM Country Video Topic Series highlights various careers in the Country Music industry like a lighting director, musical director, and entrepreneur in live entertainment. In this series, students get to go backstage with industry professionals and learn how STEAM skills contribute to the success of Country Music.

Take a Virtual Field Trip to the CMA Awards!

The Virtual Field Trip at the CMA Awards brings students behind-the-scenes of Country Music’s Biggest Night and showcases all the people who help make it happen. Students will see how the strategy of decomposition helps break down a big event into smaller manageable problems. They have an opportunity to see a variety of non-traditional career paths that come together and see how music can be used to communicate personal experiences and passion.


Learn more about this partnership and how educators and families can take advantage of the many resources offered to teach STEAM through the lens of Country Music.