Find a program that meets your needs

Between our upcoming events, our archived webinars, and our specialized programs, we’re hopeful to have offerings that meet your needs and provide value when and where you need it. Later this year, we’ll also be rolling out more on-demand content and documents to supplement our events. 

Steve Cadigan speaks at the MemberSips event “Thriving in an Unstable World of Work​“ on Wednesday, November 30, 2022 at the CMA offices in Nashville, TN.

CMA Programs

Women’s Leadership Academy

A professional development program that provides interactive group coaching for high-performing, high-potential women leaders within the Country Music business.


Bringing together a curated group of members to discuss and tackle an issue or topic facing the music business. The best part? It all happens over a beverage – whether that’s a cocktail, coffee or just water.

CMA Touring Mentorship Program

A mentorship program that gives early-career touring professionals access to experienced professionals in their desired fields.


A career development program for post-secondary students who have demonstrated a drive to succeed in the music industry. Through programming and mentorship, the program develops the future leaders of the music business.

CMA Foundation

For us, it’s not just about raising up the next generation of musicians, but leveraging the impact that music has on students. The CMA Foundation supports music education initiatives so that every child has the opportunity to make music part of their education. 

International Initiatives

Growing Country Music around the world through thoughtful collaborations, meaningful partnerships, and intentional relationship-building.

Discovery Education

Through a partnership with Discovery Education called Working in Harmony, students around the world have access to to learn about music careers and professionals. If they can see it, they can be it.